Stony Hollow Landfill Community Update: February 7, 2017

Ongoing Activities
We are continuing odor surveillance with LJB consultants at least three times per day as well as our weekly ambient air monitoring, with data submitted to RAPCA and Ohio EPA. We’re also continuing with our communication plans by providing updates to local officials and issuing potential odor notifications if there is the possibility of an item contributing to odors. We did provide a potential odor alert last week when performing sump maintenance. Both gas flares remained operational during the maintenance.

Cap System Update
The synthetic cap is in place with all gas well penetrations sealed and a full vacuum under the cap is operational directing gas to the flare system. We have completed installation of the wind defender material above the cap to hold the cap in place. Our odor surveys have noticed improved odor control around the community.

Upcoming Construction Activities
We are nearing completion of miscellaneous storm water management features supporting the capped area and general regrading. We also completed construction of some additional gas lateral piping features. We began construction of the second above ground storage tank which will continue for several more weeks.

Upcoming Meetings
We have hosted several site tours with local elected officials and members of the Montgomery County Solid Waste Advisory Committee and we will continue our meetings with communities and regulatory agencies this week. The Stony Hollow Forum is being held today where regulatory agencies and citizens representing Southwest Priority Board members are present to receive briefings.