Community Update: January 15, 2020

Site Activities

Our site activities continue to focus on routine monitoring and inspection programs, assuring the extensive control systems now in place continue to function at their peak. We continue to maintain gas collection systems and the odor control improvements made with the installation of the cover shown below. The engineering design for the 2020 landfill gas construction project is underway with anticipation of construction if necessary during summer. The planned work continues to provide improvements to our landfill gas control systems. Please do not hesitate to contact us should you wish to visit the site or need additional information.

Odor Surveillance Program Continues: Our routine odor surveillance continues on a frequency of one time per day, five days a week with two additional random surveys performed each week. We continue to investigate and document all odor complaints received. Since 2016, we have experienced more than a 93% reduction in the number of odor complaints received annually. Since activating the cap, a decrease in intensity and scope of odors continues. Results are maintained on site and are available for agency inspection. As we continue any site maintenance and gas well installation work, we will issue potential odor alert notifications when we expect there’s a potential for off-site odors.

We continue to share monitoring activities at the quarterly Stony Hollow Forum attended by members of the community, City Staff,  Solid Waste District staff and Moraine.

Odor Alert Line Remains in Place: We continue to maintain several ways for individuals to notify us of potential odors. The Stony Hollow Landfill Odor Alert Line can be reached at 937-356-6203 where a message can be left. You can also file an odor alert online at

Odor Management Plan Remains in Place: We maintain the Ohio EPA approval on our odor management plan described above. We will continue to operate in accordance with the approved plan and we are committed to update the plan as necessary as site activities dictate. The Ohio EPA sets clear guidelines and measurement criteria in their approval of the revised plan.    

No Changes to Synthetic Cap and Gas Well Collection Systems:  The synthetic cap and gas well collection system continues to function and perform well. This system continues to control odors and proactively address future issues. We routinely inspect the area to assure its continued effectiveness. Our site gas technicians are on site for daily inspections to ensure all wells are operating properly and the vacuum is being applied. Gas well monitoring and tuning of the well field continues.

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