Community Update: January 4, 2018

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and we wish you all a Happy New Year. As we begin the new year, we will continue our regular updates on Stony Hollow, our progress and any new information available as we move forward.

Our site activities today are focused on monitoring and inspection programs, assuring the extensive control systems now in place continue to function well. We continue to maintain gas collection systems and the odor control improvements made with the installation of the cover (see photo).

Action Updates:

Synthetic Cap and Gas Well Collection System Employed:  The synthetic cap and gas well collection system continues to function and perform well even in this incredibly cold weather.  This system continues to control odors and proactively address future issues. We routinely inspect the area to assure its continued effectiveness.   Our site gas technicians are on site for daily inspections to ensure all wells are operating properly and the vacuum is being applied. Gas well monitoring and tuning of the well field continues.

Air Monitoring:  Sampling of ambient air monitoring continues and RAPCA updates their website with the ambient air monitoring data received, after they have undergone Ohio EPA review. More information can be found at  

Odor Surveillance: Odor surveillance is conducted three times a day, seven days a week. Results are maintained on site and available for agency inspection. Since activating the cap, the third-party consultant has continued to report a decrease in intensity and scope of odors in the daily odor surveys.  As we continue any site maintenance work, we will issue potential odor alert notifications when we expect the potential for off-site odors. 

Odor Management Plan: The Ohio EPA sets clear guidelines and measurement criteria that must be met before they will give approval for any changes. We continue to operate in accordance with the plans outlined in the agency order.