Stony Hollow Landfill Community Update: June 29, 2017

Since receiving the Ohio EPA Final Findings & Orders on May 3, we have been working diligently and have completed a number of key action items.  

Public Information Meeting Held

Stony Hollow Landfill held a public information meeting on June 6, 2017 at Dunbar Early College High School in Dayton to provide information on site activities. More than 40 people from the community, including a number of elected officials and representatives of local organizations attended to hear from the Stony Hollow team. After a brief presentation, attendees could meet with subject matter experts at different information stations around the room focused on various topics, including general landfill information, odor surveillance process, ambient air monitoring and construction projects for 2017. 

Initial Drilling Complete for Necessary Updates to the Gas Well Collection Network  –  In accordance with the Final Orders, work is completed on new landfill gas extraction well(s) installation in the next phase of the proposed temporary cap area which began in early June.   All wells have been hooked up to vacuum and all work was completed before the July 5th deadline.  Well installation in other areas of the landfill will continue as per the 2017 construction plans. No drilling work will be occurring over the holiday weekend.  Workers will be on site for daily inspections but no drilling will occur.

Synthetic Cap Extension Preparation Begins:  In accordance with the order we are preparing to extend the synthetic cap over approximately 5 plus acres.  Construction will occur in July and will be completed no later than August 31st.

Air Monitoring Enhancements: We continue with sampling of our ambient air monitoring, adding more monitors and conducting more laboratory testing to ensure the air in and around the landfill is safe for our employees and our neighbors. RAPCA is conducting periodic monitoring in the community during these activities. RAPCA has updated their website with the ambient air monitoring data and community air monitoring data and will update the site with new results as they are received and after they have undergone Ohio EPA review. To date no levels above health standards have been detected. More information can be found at

Odor Surveillance: We continue to conduct odor surveillance three times a day, seven days a week. Results are maintained on site and available for agency inspection.

Odor Management Plan: The order sets clear guidelines and measurement criteria that must be met before the Ohio EPA will give approval for any changes.

Here is a link to the orders on the Ohio EPA public document website:

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