Community Update: May 10, 2018

As we begin May, we will continue our regular updates on Stony Hollow, our progress and any new information available as we move forward.

Our site activities continue to focus on monitoring and inspection programs, assuring the extensive control systems now in place continue to function well.  We continue to maintain gas collection systems and the odor control improvements made with the installation of the cover shown below.

We are also preparing for our normal 2018 construction activities and will provide an overview.

Action Updates:

Synthetic Cap and Gas Well Collection System Employed:  The synthetic cap and gas well collection system continues to function and perform well.  This system continues to control odors and proactively address future issues. We routinely inspect the area to assure its continued effectiveness.   Our site gas technicians are on site for daily inspections to ensure all wells are operating properly and the vacuum is being applied. Gas well monitoring and tuning of the well field continues.

2018 Gas Well Installation Plans:  We are finalizing the construction plans for additional gas well installation along the northwest and western slopes.  The installation should be routine and odor control systems employed will be in place during construction, tentatively scheduled to begin in June.  Weekly construction updates are provided to our local regulatory agencies and district partners during the construction.

Air Monitoring:  From December 2016 to April 2018, we conducted weekly ambient air monitoring to ensure the air in and around the landfill is safe for our employees and our neighbors. All sample results were reviewed by an Ohio EPA toxicologist to determine if any detected compounds are above risk-based screening levels for potential health threats. No samples collected during this time demonstrated a potential hazard to human health. RAPCA continues to update their website with all ambient air monitoring data, available here:

Earlier this year, with input from RAPCA and the Ohio EPA, a study to evaluate the data collected from the long-term ambient air monitoring was conducted.  The report and evaluation of the ambient air monitoring showed that all concentrations were below the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry Minimum Risk Levels and were below the Ohio EPA benchmarks for cancer risk and chronic non-cancer hazards.  As of April 20, 2018, the Ohio EPA concluded based on the data that further ambient air monitoring is not necessary at this time.  However, should conditions at the landfill change, the agency may request further monitoring.   As a result of Ohio EPA approval, we have discontinued that process and will continue our work in partnership with the local communities and regulatory agencies moving forward.

Odor Surveillance: Odor surveillance continues three times a day, seven days a week. Results are maintained on site and available for agency inspection. Since activating the cap, the third-party consultant has continued to report a decrease in intensity and scope of odors in the daily odor surveys.  As we continue any site maintenance and gas well installation work, we will issue potential odor alert notifications when we expect the potential for off-site odors.

Odor Management Plan: The Ohio EPA sets clear guidelines and measurement criteria that must be met before they will give approval for any changes. We continue to operate in accordance with the plans outlined in the agency order. 

Other News & Happenings

Periodically, we will share other news that may be interest to you.  On May 9th, Stony Hollow Landfill attended the Dayton Children’s Water Festival luncheon to celebrate along with other local event sponsors and the Dayton Environmental Advisory Board.  We continued our support of this event as an important environmental educational activity for Dayton area youth.



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